Sebastian Rockel


I am a roboticist with a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science. I have a passion for Robotics, open source software, and Education. Therefore I worked a lot with open source robotics software, i.e. ROS, Player/Stage, Gazebo, PCL, OpenCV, to develop intelligent distributed robotic systems and supervising robotics students at the University of Hamburg, Group TAMS.




For more projects see my Project page.

Technical Skills

My code portfolio is availabe at Github:

These are the languages in which I have worked (listed in order of proficiency):

I have experience with these major Operating Systems:

For development, I am grew up working in Vim on Unix, Linux and Mac OS X. So I normally work with a solid text editor and command line tools in a terminal. I use IDE's only when appropriate for the environment like for iOS or Java development.